The gap analysis provides annual sales and employment information for each county and how they compare to their peer counties within Kansas. This analysis can be used to identify areas in the retail or professional business services sectors that are currently underserved in a county. Civic leaders will find this data of interest to better understand how their county’s retail and service sectors compare to other similarly-sized counties. Economic developers and entrepreneurs can use the data to better pinpoint economic opportunities for local communities.


What do you get with the Gap Analysis Report?

  • Retail Firm Birth Rate, Sample Graph, Allen County, Kansas

    Annual data on retail and business services sales and employment for a county and its peers

    • 25 years of historical data – 1990 to 2014
    • Broken down by 4-digit NAICS code – 27 retail subsectors and 21 services subsectors
  • Data on the total number of retail and services firms annually for a county and its peers
    • Annual retail and service sector firm birth and death rates
  • Taxable retail sales, personal income, population and county pull factor data for a county and its peers

    • 1999-2016
  • Summary graphs of overall retail and service sector trends 


The Value of Gap Analysis

For Businesses

  • Provides detailed local data to inform your business plans
  • First stop for identifying potential unmet market demand in your area
  • Determine areas that would be ideal for a business establishment to be located

For Community Developers

  • Identify underserved retail and service markets
  • Assists with local retail development
  • Helps community developers better assist business owners with data resources
  • Identifies the level of quality of life retail sectors provided in an area
  • Understand the history of retail and business services dynamics in an area



The gap analysis is only a starting point for understanding the market potential within a community. To understand consumers, markets, and industries, CEDBR can help aspiring entrepreneurs and organizations with its Accelerated Business Research service. In fact, CEDBR has provided business research to governments, businesses, and nonprofit agencies throughout Kansas to facilitate their decision making processes.
Some of our customers’ most demanded research areas are:
  • Economic and demographic profiles

  • Consumer behavior

  • Competitive landscape analysis

  • Market trends and

  • Retail analysis

Each analysis is customized by research objective and data availability. Please, visit the following link to explore more about our Accelerated Business Research, or take a look at this sample: Women’s Clothing Stores Report.