Wichita Area Outlook Team (WAOT) / Kansas Economic Outlook Team (KEOT)

Facilitated by the Center for Economic Development and Business Research

W. Frank Barton School of Business, Wichita State University


Purpose: The purpose of the outlook teams is to provide a forum for collecting, exchanging and reporting business and industry information.  The information content and presentation is designed to improve planning, forecasting and business effectiveness of members and their constituents.  The primary focus of the team is identifying events and trends that affect the local and regional economies. Towards that end, the following will occur.

  • During each quarterly meeting, team members of a selected industries will make brief presentations highlighting industry trends, issues and economic outlook.  A roundtable discussion and Q&A with other members of the team will follow the presentations.
  • Occasionally guests will be invited to speak on timely topics related to local economic conditions and economic development trends.
  • Periodically the team will sponsor a community service research project conducted by the Center for Economic Development and Business Research.  In addition to selecting the project, the team will provide input and guidance for the study throughout the year.
  • Finally, the team will provide support for the annual Economic Outlook Conference and Regional Economic Outlook Conferences produced by the Center for Economic Development and Business Research.


Outcome: The Center for Economic Development and Business Research will release periodic reports highlighting major economic trends and forecasts in kansas based on information gathered from informal surveys of team members and based on community service research projects conducted by CEDBR with advisement and input from the team.

Primary Audiences:

  • Local business and industry owners/operators and leaders
  • Educators
  • Local and state government
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Tax payers
  • Investors
  • News media


Membership: The team will consist of 40 to 50 members selected by CEDBR from business, industry, government and education.  Membership selection is designed to be broadly representative of the area economy.

Responsibility of Members:

  • Attend quarterly meetings.
  • Respond briefly and informally to questions or elaborate on industry issues of the day at quarterly meetings.  On a rotation basis members may be asked to participate in an industry roundtable presentation.
  • Attend the CEDBR’s annual Economic Outlook Conference.
  • Provide table discussion leadership at the Economic Outlook Conference.


Benefits of Membership:

  • Receiving information in advance
  • Networking opportunities
  • Recognition in published materials
  • Recognition at the annual Wichita Area Economic Outlook Conference.