CEDBR is looking for a diverse group of experts that can provide information about industry trends and expectations that would be valuable for business and community leaders within Wichita and Kansas. All recommendations will be kept active for three years and will be used as a resource for identifying qualified experts.

Topics for the annual economic outlook conference changes annually and are based on expectations of issues and opportunities facing the region and state.  Because of the size of the event, the center actively works on both topics and speakers, which can be up to two years prior to the event.

Speaker recomendation submition form: https://goo.gl/forms/DjilYbw2d1ayBJgL2

General guidlines for key roles within the Economic Outlook Conferences.  

  • Speakers: Speakers need to be known and respected for their insights and knowledge within their field or topic. The speaker will need to provide a forecast or expectations of their industry.  Alternatively, they can provide industry insights into current economic conditions, provided that information has a broad appeal to business and community leaders within Kansas.  The content of the presentation does not have to be regionally specific; however, preferences will be given to those that can include local information.  Experience in speaking to large crowds is preferred.
  • Event Host:  The event host welcomes the crowed, shares information about the agenda, and keeps the event on track.  The person should be well connected within the community, as they would be introducing the speakers to the attendees.  The event host needs to be well spoken and have the ability to think quickly on their feet. This person does not need to be an economist or a business owner.
  • Panel members: Panel members provide state and regional expertise or detailed information about a subsector within an industry.  The person does not have to be well known; however, they need to an expert within their field or industry.  The panel members will be asked to share about industry trends and insights.  They do not have to provide specific information about their organization’s strategy that would compromise competiveness within the market. 

Examples of previous speakers: http://www.cedbr.org/events/previous-conferences