data-webcastLooking for data for a business plan, expansion, or to market a new product? Learn to find data and interpret it using several private and public data resources.

($150 Registration Fee)

Session 1  |  10 - 11:00 AM  |  Date To Be Determined

Session 2  |  10 - 11:00 AM  |  Date To Be Determined


"I just wanted to thank you for the webinar. Very informative, helpful, and I learned a lot from it!"

"Great information - arguably one of the best webinars I've been involved in."



The webcast will involve going through case studies and will involve hands-on training throughout each session. The information covered is summarized in a general outline below:

Understanding and exploring the rich socio/economic data from the federal government. There is free readily available data that can be used to build a business plan and to determine a site location.

Part 1 A– Population and housing
Part 1 B – Business, labor, and occupation

Determining Market demand, leakage, and consumer characteristics at the neighborhood level. Accessing a third party software can speed up your research process and provide professional looking maps and tables that could be useful for investors or making actionable decisions.

Part 2 – Business Analyst Online

An overlooked treasure trove of data and insight

Part 3 –Journals and trade organizations

Resources that provide quick insight and market related information

Part 4 – Other data sources