Accelerated Business Research

The Center for Economic Development and Business Research (CEDBR) provides research to governments, businesses, and nonprofit agencies throughout Kansas. The following is a sample of some of the research topics provided by CEDBR. Each analysis is customized by research objective and data availability.
 Economic and Demographic Profiles
CEDBR can provide economic and demographic data to assist in decision making processes. The data can be provided by various geographic areas from national down to block level. Data can be provided by distance and drive time around a specific location. This data may include, but is not limited to, the following:
• Population
• Gender
• Age
• Households
• Housing
• Race and ethnicity
• Marital status
• Income and earnings
• Disability
• Education
• Employment
• Home value
 Consumer Behavior 
CEDBR can provide sample data on consumer behavior and lifestyle choices. CEDBR will also conduct surveys to gather specific data that is not readily available. Lifestyle data may include:

• Shopping preferences
• Hobbies
• Recreation

 Competitive Landscape Analysis

CEDBR can provide data and analysis of the local competitive environment for specific enterprises. This could include a list of internal and external competitors. Based on available data, the analysis may also include market share and industry concentration calculations to identify barriers to entry and key success factors.

 Market Trends and Industry Performance

In a market trend analysis, CEDBR will provide information on historical changes within an industry by employment, wages and profits. This is used to identify demand within a market and market response to overall economic conditions. This could include:

• Industry concentration
• Growth patterns
• Shift share analysis

 Retail Analysis

CEDBR also conducts analysis unique to retail establishments. Based on available data, this analysis may determine the level of competition in a subsector of retail establishments, in a given area. This could include, but is not limited to:

• Pull factors
• Trade area capture
• Market share

  Business Market Analysis

When analyzing opportunities and challenges, CEDBR uses forward-looking information to identify changes in market and industry structure. This analysis may include identifying:

• Potential new markets
• New trends in existing markets
• Threats to existing markets

 Company Information

CEDBR also conducts focused research on specific companies or groups of companies. This information may include:

• Company profile
• News reports
• Stock reports
• Executive information