Employment in physical therapy occupations in the Wichita metropolitan area has varied significantly across the occupations for which data is available.   Although these occupations account for a small fraction of the local labor force, approximately 750 workers, they provide valuable services to the community.

In the Wichita metropolitan area the concentration of employment in the physical therapy occupations is below the national average, with the exception of massage therapists.  This indicates there may be a shortage of workers in these occupations.

To understand how employment in these important occupations has changed over time, employment, location quotient, and average annual wages have been analyzed.  For comparison, data is also provided for metropolitan areas in Kansas, the Midwest region, and a group of four metropolitan areas that most closely resemble Wichita in population, demographics and industrial mix.  These peer communities are Akron, Ohio; Grand Rapids-Wyoming, Mich.; Greenville-Mauldin-Easley, S. C.; and Lancaster, Penn.

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