The manual services industries have been the hardest-hit from the COVID-19 crisis. To highlight these vulnerable industries, the Center for Economic Development and Business Research at Wichita State University has developed interactive visualizations. These interactive graphics show the size and level of concentration of the ten hardest hit service sectors by state.   Users will be able to generate their own custom graphics to highlight and understand the vulnerability by state or industry.


Vulnerability by State

The state selection visualization shows the concentration of vulnerable workers by the ten hardest hit manual service sectors.  The graphics identify the number of jobs and total wages, which provides an in-depth analysis the level of vulnerability within the state.




Vulnerability by Industry

The industry selection visualization filters the information by the ten most vulnerable manual industries. The information for each industry is broken down by the concentration of employment and other details for all states. This allows for an overview of how each of these ten vulnerable industries are concentrated across the nation.



State Comparison

The state comparison visualization provides a broader view of how each of the ten vulnerable industries are concentrated across the nation. The multi state view can be customized to any combination of states for further analysis.

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