The legal services sector includes offices of certified public accountants, tax preparation services, billing services, payroll services, and other accountants’ offices. CEDBR, as part of research on Kansas’ retail and service sector gaps, has analyzed sales in the accounting services sector in every county throughout Kansas.

  • Total accounting services employment in Kansas was approximately 6,900 in 2013, with employment of 10 in the median county in the state in this sector. Johnson County, Sedgwick County, and Shawnee County had the highest total employment and sales in the sector in the state.
  • 43 Kansas counties had a peer sales ratio between 50 and 150 percent for the accounting services sector, while 42 had a peer sales ratio less than 50 percent. This suggests that the accounting services sector is relatively concentrated in Kansas, with a small number of counties having an outsized number of accountants and related services relative to the rest of the state. 32 Kansas counties had five or fewer workers in this sector in 2013.

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