Alternate Population Forecasting

The Center for Economic Development and Business Research recognizes the limitations of a standardized model, relying on historical trends, and using Census population estimates. Because of these limitations and the need for policy analysis, economic events, and sub-county level forecasts, the Center redeveloped the population model to all for alternative forecasting.

Communities across the state can engage the Center to develop alternative scenarios: Those customizations include sub-county forecasts and adjusted current population estimates. Further modeling can include increasing migration due to an industry attraction, decreased fertility from increased teen pregnancy awareness, or changes in mortality due to public health policies.

  • Population forecast (Excel document) - $2,000
    • 50-year forecast
    • 5-year Age-cohorts
    • Gender
    • Race and ethnicity
  • Written article (PDF) - $1,000
    • 2-page report
  • Presentation (PDF) - $1,000
    • 20–30-minute presentation
    • In-person - plus travel
    • Webcast (included)
  • Online tool - $2,000
    • Customize the colors to match your branding
    • Easily embed HTML code on your website
    • Hosted by CEDBR for up to three years

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