Analytics and Public Data Conference

The Center for Economic Development and Business Research (CEDBR) in collaboration with the Business Operations and Analytics Lab (BOAL) are developing a new conference to engage the private and public sectors.  If you would like assist in the development of this event, please contact Jeremy Hill at 316-213-3673 or Sue Abdinnour 316-978-7788.

The conference seeks to:

  • Provide a space to learn about and discuss methods and tools of handling larger databases along with building analytical skills
  • Build a social and professional network across Kansas
  • Develop the capacity of accessing, managing, and interpreting public data
  • Engage the private and public sectors in applied and collaborative research opportunities

Expected Date: Spring of 2020

Steering Committe:

  • Mathew Muether 
  • Sue Abdinnour
  • Jeremy Hill
  • Chris Wyant
  • Abu Asaduzzaman
  • Twyla Hill
  • Mythili Menon
  • Xanthippe Wedel
  • Wujun Si

Founding Organizations: