Title Published Date
The Role of Financial Markets in Determining Physical Oil Prices 02 March 2015
Despite Slight Increases, Kansas Unemployment Rate Still Lower Than Previous Year 02 March 2015
Inflation Rate Continues to Drop in Midwest 02 March 2015
Employment-Population Ratio in Wichita Compared with Peer Cities 02 March 2015
Average Cost of Groceries in Wichita Four Percent Below National Average 02 March 2015
2014 Fourth Quarter Wichita Industry News and Developments 02 March 2015
Affordable Airfares Impact Study 13 February 2015
Serving the Community Well: The Economic Impact of Wichita's Health Care and Related Industries 30 January 2015
Unemployment Increased Across Kansas and Kansas Metros 30 January 2015
Producer Price Index Increased for Four of the Six Industries Measured 30 January 2015
County Employment-Population Ratios Across Kansas 30 January 2015
Pharmacy Occupations Employment Above the National Average in Wichita Area 30 January 2015
Health Care Industry in the Wichita MSA 20 January 2015
Employment Increased Across Kansas Metros 02 January 2015
Producer Price Index Up for Aircraft, Natural Gas, and Slaughter Livestock 02 January 2015
Profile of Unemployment Insurance Beneficiaries in Wichita, 3rd Quarter 2014 02 January 2015
2014 3rd Quarter Wichita Industry News and Developments 02 January 2015
Kansas Employment-Population Ratio Highest Level Since 2010 30 December 2014
Misery Index Increased for All Metropolitan Areas in Kansas 30 December 2014
Employment in Technician and Technologist Occupations Has Grown 30 December 2014